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Western Wedding

Florist: Flower Works

Kyler and Mandy were married on a beautiful day in June 2020. Their theme included many western accents like succulent cupcakes, cowhide rugs, reds & turquoise colors and of course cowboy hats & boots!

How We Met

"Kyler and I met while attending the same high school. We always had mutual friends and even hung out a few times but never got close until my Senior year and he was already graduated!"

Saying Yes!

"Kyler works on the road a lot and actually picked out my ring in Indiana. He kept it for a couple weeks and even brought it to a few family gatherings to show everybody but me of course! I had absolutely no idea it was coming. He called one day to say he would be home for the week. He came home and was acting nervous and weird. I kept asking him what was wrong and he never said. I got up to leave, went to grab the door and felt this tap on my shoulder so I turned around. Next thing I know he is on one knee telling me how much he loved me while I bawled like a baby. I kept asking if he was kidding because I just couldn't believe it! We went to go tell his family and I was still bawling so they thought I had said no. Obviously I said yes!"

Looking Forward To......

"The moment I was most looking forward to on my wedding day would definitely be walking down the aisle. Having my father walk me down to meet Kyler at the end has to be one of the most special moments in my life. One I will never forget."

Choosing Timber Line Barn

"Kyler and I chose Timber Line Barn for a couple reasons. First and foremost it's absolutely beautiful. Also the location was very convenient for us because we live only 10 minutes away. I really wanted an outside wedding but Kyler wanted it in the summer so I knew it would be too hot. The barn was perfect to accommodate having the ceremony outside and the reception inside to beat the heat!"

Standout Moment

"My standout moment for me was definitely the whole ceremony. I loved every minute of it and I wish everyday I could relive it. It was so special for us."

Advice for Couples

"My advice for future couples would have to be to not stress about anything the day of and just enjoy every minute because it goes by so fast!"


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