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Dreamy Sunset Wedding

Evan and Britton had an intimate patio ceremony on a dreamy warm day in early November.

Married November 2021.

Photography by Pure Visions Photography

Vendor Team

Decor/drapery: Timber Line Barn/Tara Rigger

Cake: Timber Line Barn/Kathy Rigger

Officiant: Timber Line Barn/Tara Rigger

Britton and Evan's Story

"We met each other in High School! I was a Junior and he was a Senior when we first met. I was actually dating his best friend at the time, so I just knew Evan as the best friend that was always our "third wheel". After that relationship ended, Evan began messaging me. A few weeks after we began dating, he told me he knew he would marry me one day. He was definitely right!"

The Proposal

"We got engaged the night we were moving into our first house together! I was completely surprised, and my first question to him was if he had asked my dad first! After he told me he had, I said yes!"

Special Moment

"We were most looking forward to the ceremony! We had waited so long to get married, and everything about our ceremony was perfect. We had a small, outdoor ceremony and it was short and sweet!"

Choosing Timber Line Barn

"We chose Timber Line Barn because it was local, and absolutely gorgeous! We loved that there was an indoor and outdoor area, so we didn't have to worry about the weather. Tara is amazing to work with as well!"

Enjoying the Day

"One thing that was super important to me, was that no cellphones were out. Especially for our ceremony! I wanted there to be no distractions, so that we could enjoy the moment. That was definitely one of the best decisions! Looking back, I don't remember anyone with phones out, and we just enjoyed everyone's company, and everything going on. Don't be afraid to speak up about something like this, it's your day!

My advice for future couples, would be to just enjoy your day. Don't worry about the little things, the day goes by way so fast."

Stand Out Moment

"The standout moment was definitely our first look. As a little girl, this was something I'd always dreamed of, and it was everything I'd ever wanted! Our first look was only us, and our photographer. It was so important to me to not have anyone else out watching, because this was our special moment. It's something I wish I could go back to every day!"


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