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Cranberries in January

Shayden and Klayton had a magical winter wedding adorned with evergreen, red accents, cranberries, fur and a cocoa bar!

Married in January 2021

Photography by Abigail Troy Photography

Vendor Team:

Menswear- Karl's Tuxedo

Officiant: Jeff Mann

Their Story

"Klayton and I (Shayden) actually went to high school together, he is a year older. We both had mutual friends but neither of us ever really hung out, the most we ever said to one another was 'Hey Klayton' or 'Hey Shayden' when we would pass each other in the hallway. Klayton had a girlfriend all through high school and his first year in college.

It was not until my senior year of high school that his long term relationship had ended. He messaged my best friend asking if I was single (hoping I was) he asked her to put in a good word for him. One night my best friend (Payton) and I were driving through town, and to get a little better back story; there is not much to do in the small town of Marshfield, so the "fun" thing to do was drive backroads and see if any of your friends were sitting in the McDonald's or Orschlen's parking lot.

So on this particular night, Payton and I went to the Orschlen's parking lot and low and behold there Klayton was. Knowing the message he had sent my best friend she messaged him and told him to come and talk to us. So Klayton came and talked to the both of us and as he was leaving he shouted, 'Shayden you better snapchat me!'. So later that night i went to Payton's house and of course I snapchatted him. I mean how could I not? So we text back and forth and we end up going on a date (with Payton LOL). As Klayton and I start dating, we get to know one another and I find out that Klayton has actually had a crush on me since the 7th grade! He had told me that he messaged me on Facebook, but I never received the message.

It was not long after Klayton and I started dating that I knew he was the man I would marry. Three days after officially being boyfriend and girlfriend, Klayton accidentally slipped out the words 'I love you'. He never thought he would recover from that (LOL). You would think that him saying that would be an automatic strike 1, but I didn't feel weird or anxious after he said it. In fact, I was in so much shock that I didn't really know what to do. But, from that day forward instead of telling one another, "I love you" we referred to our love as 'yep'. We both knew that it was meant to be and that God put us in each other's paths."

The Proposal

"December 15, 2019 Klayton asked me to be his wife. We were all going to Branson that day, his family, my family, and our grandparents. It was around Christmas time so all of the beautiful lights and decorations were everywhere. We get there and everyone was saying that we should go take family pictures in front of the giant Christmas tree. So we're all walking over there and I turn around to look at the tree, there was an ornament on the tree- Klayton asking me to marry him. I turn around and there he was down on one knee asking me to spend forever with him. It was so special because all of our family was there to witness it all. That day was the easiest 'yes' I have ever had to say."

Favorite Moment- "The First Look!"

Wedding Style- "Winter Wonderland with a little rustic glam"

Choosing Timber Line Barn:

"It is a beautiful barn and very feasible! The owners are super helpful as well!"

Special Moment

"We did a 'last dance'. Right before the send off it was just Klayton and I in the venue and we soaked up the last few minutes of the night. It was a good time to just soak in that we were Mr. & Mrs."

Advice for future couples:

"It is definitely worth having someone to help plan everything. I tried doing everything on my own and I ended up too overwhelmed. My sister and mother had to step in and take over which was an absolute life saver."


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