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About Me

 I'm pursuing a DREAM of mine- Owning and Operating a Wedding & Event Venue!!

One reason why I have dreamed of being a Wedding and & Event Venue owner is because I LOVE helping build community among others and for others. I love connecting people with others so that relationships can be developed and built. I love seeing our community grow and come together and with the community coming together for one another, it reminds myself and others the importance that relationships are in our community, for people to flourish and be there for one another. I also love seeing others dreams become reality. What a great opportunity I get to be a part of, with seeing those dreams come to fruition by being part of one of the most amazing days of your life!!

I have an amazing team that you will get to know as well! The venue would not be able to continue running and grow without my team. 
We are very excited to meet you all and be part of your amazing and memorable wedding day!! 

We hope you will join us and become part of our story here at Timber Line Barn!!!

Tatyana Zandorin Photography


About Timber Line Barn

Nestled in the beautiful countryside of Dallas County, Timber Line Barn is a brief scenic 35 minute drive north of the Springfield metro area.

The 5 acre property is easily accessible from main roads yet sits off a secluded road at the back of the property to offer you and your guests privacy. 

Timber Line Barn was built in 2013 by Nicole and Chad Bryan. 

It was the first Barn venue dedicated to hosting weddings in the area.


As new owners we have made it our mission to uphold Nicole and Chad's vision of a beautiful countryside venue that is affordable for young couples, easy to work with owners and offers a ton of value. 

Of course we have added to that vision and enhanced the building and property in ways that highlight what was already in place - a stunning venue surrounded by nature and countryside.  

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