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Catering, Cakes and Bar Service



  • Our kitchen is a little on the small side and includes a full size fridge, microwave, sink with commercial grade garbage disposal and plenty of counter space. 

  • We do NOT have a stove, ice machine, or deep freeze.  

  • We DO have lots of utensils, galvanized tubs, bowls, serving platters, pitchers and drink dispensers on hand for our couples use. 

Loading and Unloading-

  • Most of our couples choose to have their food and drink stations set up in our Cedar Den located on the south side of the Main Barn.  There is a separate entrance to this space and it will serve you well considering it is usually only a few steps away from our driveway. 

  • You are welcome to pull trailers right up to the side entrance (Please see image below) and unload.  We ask that you park your trailer past the propane tanks once fully unloaded so that guests may have parking space closer to the main entrance. 

During Event-

  • Food tables are 6 foot straight tables and couples usually choose to have at least two tables for the food buffet and at least 1 for drinks.  Tales will be set up for you when you arrive.

  • We will place a trash can or two next to your food stations and have a few extra trash bags at your disposal just in case.  We will be in to take out trash, replace bags and check in anywhere from 1-2 hours after food service begins.

  • Typically our couples go with simple buffet style food stations and caterers are packed up and on their way out by the time we get there to check in.  If you need anything during the event please call Tara at 417-299-3597.