New FAQ- Covid Edition

Sending Our Timber Line Barn Couples Love and Light!

At Timber Line Barn we are SO BLESSED with our couples. Seriously - you guys are amazing.

1.  What is the current status of events at Timber Line Barn? Timber Line Barn is operational and hosting beautiful weddings again as of May 2020. 


2.  What guidelines does Timber Line Barn have in place?  At this time we expect to keep the following guidelines in place, as events have been beautiful as always, and it provides for extra spacing between guests and reduces the items and surfaces that guests are touching.

  • There is currently not a specific capacity limit in place for events, but we are recommending our couples socially distance tables and request the social distancing of guests. We request that you have your guests stay home if they feel sick, have been in contact with anyone who is sick, or would feel more comfortable not participating in a group gathering. Masks are not required at this time by the state or the county, but are encouraged, and we are encouraging extra hand washing and regular use of provided hand sanitizer.


  • Timber Line Barn is recommending that all couples plan for assigned seating for your guests so that connected and co-mingled groups are purposely sitting together and unconnected groups are not. To accommodate extra spacing of your reception guests, we have ample amount of room so that you can space out unconnected parties with 6 ft between each table. When there are unconnected parties, couples have been seating 4 -6 guests per table instead of 8 for extra spacing.  


  • We recommend starting first with connected families or connected groups that can sit 8 to a table and working your way down to smaller and unconnected groups. Doing it this way has made assigning seating pretty easy and straight-forward for our May, June and July couples! There is a tab in your online planner for creating your seating chart so that we know how many chairs will be needed per table. 


  • To accommodate for extra table spacing, we are also using Den and Patio for reception seating when the headcount requires it, or a couple prefers it for additional spacing of tables. It’s great that we have that space to work with. This means that our backup in case of rain for indoor ceremonies can still take place in the Cedar Den or in the Main Barn area depending on guest count. If guest counts are over 160 the ceremony will take place in the Main Barn area and guests will sit at their reception tables during the ceremony if indoors. After the ceremony, the TLB team will setup and/or remove any tables or chairs for you. This will mean you’ll be able to have a beautiful indoor ceremony, guests will be able to see for the ceremony, there will be minimal changes to the room after the ceremony (which is best for you and your guests in the space), and guests will be socially distanced in case of rain.

  • Additionally, we are recommending that the DJ release tables one or two at a time to the food/drink areas.

3. What other changes has TLB made? We are reaching out to caterers so that they will be serving the food at the buffet one to two tables at a time,  (if you are bringing your own - please make sure you plan ahead for someone to serve the buffet line instead of guests serving themselves). We have provided recommendations to our couples concerning social distancing and have implemented additional cleaning/sanitizing processes between and during events.  We are also highly encouraging use of our patio space for open and fresh air time.

And something new to look forward to:
Timber Line Barn will be building new farm house tables to use for your wedding party or head table. (We know some things recently have been stressful and we wanted to give you something new to look forward to!)


4. Has anything changed with decor? We are asking your decor team to either wear gloves (provided by us) or wash their hands directly before setting up and returning decor. 

5. Should I have a receiving line? No, we are requesting no receiving lines to greet your guests. (Truthfully, less than 5% of our couples did this anyway so it likely doesn’t change your plans.) This is so that there isn’t a long line congregating to greet you.

6. Can I host a more intimate wedding if I so choose to? Yes. We have had a few couples choose to limit their guest list and that is certainly up to you. We don’t have a minimum number of guests for events at Timber Line Barn. We encourage our couples to start a Facebook group for their friends and family and then having someone “go live” in the group during their ceremony and at points in the reception so that guests not in attendance can be part of the fun as well. We also have a few couples considering an intimate ceremony with just close family, and then inviting other friends/family to join the reception.


7. If restrictions are tightened again, what are the options available? If mandated restrictions are tightened again and we are unable to host events, we will proactively reach out to couples within the mandated window + the following 30 days with options available. (We can’t tell you what those are until we know the specifications of the possible restrictions, but as of now the Governor is saying he has no expectations to shut the state down again, so we don’t expect this to be necessary.)

For all of our spring couples who were impacted, they felt like our process to handle these changes went smoothly, was in everyone’s best interest and very fair. (We love our TLB couples! Thank you all for being so amazing and allowing us to serve and support you through those changes.)


8. What’s happening with open house events? Great question! For now, we are not hosting large public open house events. Instead we are offering intimate small group Open Houses that are mainly for planning with couples who are booked or who have already toured with us.  We are keeping an eye on the attendance numbers, recommending mask wearing, hand washing and social distancing. We are also making sure that decor is handled safely.  If you would like to attend an upcoming Open House/Planning Session please RSVP here.

9. What if I have more questions? If you are getting married the fall or winter of 2020 and have questions, please email us at 


10. What should I be doing right now? Love on one another and enjoy being engaged! Keep planning and know you are in great hands here at Timber Line Barn.


We sincerely love you and all of our couples. Thank you.

-Tara and Allen