Floor Plans

We offer detailed floor plans for many other guest counts at our monthly Open House. 

Please see a few examples below.

  • Each round table can fit 8 people per table and each rectangle table can seat 8 people with chairs on all sides

    • Upstairs will fit no more than 14 round tables.

    • You can add the two skinny rectangular tables with chairs in the narrow walkway by the stairs (total of 6 seats)

    • It’s best with 9 round tables.

  • Downstairs the Main Barn area will fit no more than 15 round tables depending on where the head table is, 10 round tables are more ideal if you want to utilize the space as a dance floor.

  • The Den area will fit no more than 10-12 round tables for receptions.

    • -  The Den is a great space to hold additional guest tables and food/drink tables.

    • -  We only recommend utilizing the Den as a dance floor if your guest count is less than 170 and you do not want to use the main Barn area for dance floor space.

    • -  The Den is also used as an indoor ceremony area and will hold up to 170 chairs (150 looks best).

  • The Patio area can fit 6 round tables but 5 looks best.

  • Outdoor Ceremonies are held in the courtyard where we can seat 350 guests on our 12 rows of benches, or the Patio/Pergola area can seat up to 60 guests for a ceremony.

Floor Plan for 160 Guests

Indoor Ceremony

Outdoor  Ceremony

Items List and Measurements


Below is a list of the items included with your day rental.  

We recommend you attend our monthly Open House to see and work with the items in person.


34 - 60" Round Tables
10 - 6' Rectangular tables
1 - 3'x3' Square Tables
1 - 2'x3' Rectangular Table (Great for DJ)
2 - 2'x5' Rectangular Tables
1 Distressed White Entry Table
2 Distressed White Dressers
3 - Whiskey Barrels (two have locking wheels)
1 - Small Indoor Spool Table (Great for additional desserts if set up next to cake)
1 - Large Indoor Spool Table (Great for cake)
300 White Folding Chairs
12 rows of outdoor benches with a 350 seating capacity.
1 Arbor (Arbor is 7 feet tall in center, 5.5 feet tall on corners, 12 feet wide and approximately 5 feet deep).
Distance from the courtyard iron gate to Arbor is around 105 feet.
Distance from the side door to the courtyard iron gate is around 105 feet.