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DON'T STRESS! You're Almost There!

  • Know and communicate the plan BEFORE you arrive. You can find a sample timeline for the day here above.  Sharing something like this with your bridal party and family may be very helpful. You have access to an editable schedule in your TLB Online Planner.

  • Remember - walk slowly down the aisle (both times!!)  I have seen many brides walk so fast down the aisle that there weren't any photo opportunities or photos come out blurry.  Also try to smile and look happy!  You’re headed towards the love of your life on your wedding day! Also, you want photos of you looking blissful, not stressed with a  furrowed brow. 

  • Figure out vendor gratuity in advance. Wait to provide tips until the conclusion of the service when you know you are happy. Some vendors have specific policies about tips (for example some bar services will add a specific tip amount to your bill at the end of the night if you don’t allow them to put a tip jar out.) Other vendors do not have any type of policy. In our opinion, unless there is a policy, tips are at your discretion and should be earned not expected :)

  • Plan for clean up. We ask that if  you borrow Timber Line Barn’s Goodie Barn decor or kitchen items (make sure kitchen items are cleaned before returning) that you return those items right where you grabbed them from at the end of the night. This usually takes about 10 minutes with lots of hands helping (and generally guests help without being asked.) If you brought something in with you it either needs to go home with you, be donated to TLB, or placed in the trash. Our team will remove trash, clean bathrooms, etc. 

  • Main Clean Up Responsibilities:

    • Gather and place trash in the dumpster located by the goodie barn.​

    • Gather all rented linens and place on a central table

    • Fold and stack chairs on top of tables

    • Return items to kitchen (wash and dry items) or goodie barn.

  • Your bridal party is a major component in your wedding day, and in your wedding day running smoothly! We would suggest a quick chat with your bridal party on the following topics to make your day flow as smoothly as possible:

    • Please remind your bridal party that you’ll get better photos and be more likely to keep your schedule on time if they cooperate and listen to your photographer. Missing family members or drunk/disrespectful bridal party members (this does happen on occasion!) definitely make it more challenging for your photographer to do the job you paid them to do :) Please remind folks it will not take as long if they listen and are where they need to be, when they need to be.

    • Please let your bridal party know we absolutely want the best for you on your wedding day! That means all they need to do is ask nicely and we will quickly try to sort out any concerns they have. It also means that there are some rules we will be asking them to follow including smoking only in the smoking area (outdoor patios), no drinking from glass bottles, and absolutely no hard liquor to keep the venue clean and safe for your wedding day, and the property beautiful for years to come. 

    • Please also remind your bridal party to check for missing items at the end of the night. We regularly get calls about missing jackets, shoes, etc. Generally those are sent home with the couples family at the end of the night if they are found. It is rare that they are still at the venue the following day. 

  • Let your family members know when family formal photos will be taken and where. You may have to be a little flexible on location based on weather and sunlight, but it is still better to have a plan that has been communicated in advance! 

  • The bridal party will be hungry. There are plenty of local cafes and Supermarkets (Expresso Coffee Co on HWY 65, Mallard’s Brother Cafe, Subway, Maple and Main Cafe) that can provide a cute catered lunch for those decorating and the bridal party. You could also do something simple like sandwich party trays from Sam’s Club or Wood’s Supermarket. In either case, you don’t want everyone hungry and drinking on an empty stomach. Please don’t forget something to eat!

  • Vehicles may NOT be left overnight. We will ask your DJ to make an announcement early in the evening reminding guests of this policy.

  • Don’t forget you need to have your ushers (or someone else) prepared to open the courtyard gates and patio entrance door if you want to have them close and open again before the bride comes down the aisle. 

  • Cannabis, any other drug usage and outside alcohol brought by your guests are strictly prohibited. Drug usage of any kind at Timber Line Barn will not be tolerated. We can shut down your event for drug usage onsite and that is not a conversation we want to have! 

  • Make sure you know who is cutting the cake. It is likely NOT your bakery. They usually drop and go. Your caterer CAN cut the cake if you prepare it with them in advance. 

  • It is the responsibility of parents to watch their own children and ensure that they are not causing damage to the venue or playing in an unsafe area. It’s an odd thing, but somehow parents tend to think wedding venues have a built-in babysitter. This means they often don’t watch their children and we find them playing in an unsafe manner (like jumping from one bench to another) or running through and ripping up our beautiful landscaping. If we notice this issue we will directly and nicely ask the children to stop. If behavior continues we will get the decision maker for the day involved. If that is not effective in controlling the situation, we will ask the DJ to make an announcement. If you have children ages 4 - 12 (especially a lot of them) attending the wedding, please make sure their parents know that they do need to be supervised. Thank you for helping us keep your guests safe and the property beautiful.


  • Please return any borrowed items that may have accidentally been packed in your car. Another couple is likely planning to use that item soon!

  • Contact us if you believe you left anything of importance behind.  We will look for it, and if found place it safely in our lost and found bin.  You are welcome to retrieve the items at an upcoming open house.  

  • We would SO APPRECIATE if you, your friends and family would consider writing Timber Line Barn reviews. Your experience at our venue is so much more valuable to future couples than our own. Seriously, writing us a review on Google, The Knot, and Facebook makes our hearts soooooo happy!

  • If you had a great experience with other vendors, please consider taking a few minutes to write them reviews as well. 

  • Get working on that name change! Don’t forget to update your social security card, driver's license, bank accounts, employer records, and the post office.

  • Write thank you notes. Ideally, you’ll have them in the mail within a month of returning from your honeymoon. It can be a big task, so break it down and consider having a goal of a few each day.

  • Find a new hobby! You are going to have so much more free time!

  • Come back and see us at an open house. We will be missing you! Bring a camera, your family, take some photos and have some fun. 

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